Additional tools and side projects

Sometimes, out of the blue, other tools come to live. (Downloads in downloads section)

ThirdRails Manaul Viewer

ThirdRails Manual Viewer is a fully fledged PDF viewer. It offers modern PDF viewing, annotations and full searching.
TMV however has some unique features aimed at Train Simulator users. It can stay on top of TS so you can concentrate on handling your loco according to the manual.
Besides that it offers a unique folder targeting structure to find your manuals with ease.

Current version: 2.1
- Added recently used files

ThirdRails Live Radar

With the ThirdRails Live Radar tool you get an unique webbrowser which you can use to follow your player train, and at the same time follow the Real Live Service when doing a Real Drive.

It offers the following industry leading standard radars:
- ThirdRails Radar
- World Train Radar by Travic
- UK Radar by Raildar
- ÖBB radar by ÖBB
- Swiss Railways Network by Vasile Coțovanu
- Dutch Railways by

ThirdRails Live Radar is only available for ThirdRails Friends

ThirdRails Radar website offers an online Live Radar variant, available for all users.

Current version: 1.0 (BETA)